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Z Energy


Integrated annual report


Communication design, business writing, document design

Producing an integrated annual report demands new ways of presenting your business.

Z Energy committed to producing its first integrated annual report. Z’s Chief Governance Officer Debra Blackett saw an opportunity to illustrate how their business is responding to business challenges with innovation and sustainability, through the lens of integrated reporting.

An integrated report is a concise communication about how an organisation’s strategy, governance, performance, and prospects lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term. Integrated reporting provides greater context for performance data, clarifies how value-relevant information fits into operations or a business, and helps make company decision-making more long term. It demands organisational cohesion and crisp storytelling.

To write, design, and project manage the report, our team needed to be fully integrated with Z.

From the outset, Z realised they needed to work with a team of experts, and we committed fully to working as part of their team. We committed a full-time project manager to the report to work alongside Z’s project team. One of our writers committed to learning the intricacies of integrated reporting and attended training in Sydney with a Z representative before writing the report. The team worked hand in glove to craft and shape a report that showcases Z’s commercial edge and sustainability commitment.

A market-leading report further enhanced Z’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Z’s ambition was to produce a best-in-class Australasian report from a large Kiwi-focused business that a wide range of readers would connect with and value. The signs are that we achieved that, receiving positive investor and organisational feedback.

The Z Energy Integrated Report won Best Plain English Annual Report in the 2017 WriteMark Plain English Awards and was Runner-up Best Integrated Report New Zealand in the AIRA Awards 2017 in Sydney.

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