Ocean Design Group has one purpose – to help our people, our clients, and their organisations to fulfil their potential and achieve greatness.

Ocean Design Group has two distinct practices: Ocean Design and Ocean Brand & Culture. Each practice has a clear intent and ambition.

Blair Mainwaring
Group CEO
Ocean Design Group Ltd
+64 21 776 154

Brands are delivered by people, for people. Our Brand and Culture practice works alongside leaders and their senior teams to help them bring about transformational change through game-changing programmes of work. Central to this work are our unique creative and design-driven approaches.

Organisations are constantly changing or needing to change. Whether it’s to reposition or redefine after a merger or acquisition, or simply to inspire a business to lift its game, our team will work together with you to achieve your goal.

Shayne Priddle
Practice Lead
Ocean Brand & Culture
+64 275 571 575

Great design changes things for the better. It grows understanding. Our design practice is focused on exactly that – helping the people and organisations they work with to communicate better.

Great design inspires action, delivers understanding, and drives meaning. Thoughtful to the core, our team will work with you – and for you.

Sam Dungey
General Manager
Ocean Design
+64 21 809 889