Exploring the role of Indigenous Traditions in Contemporary Branding

April 17, 2024

Ria Moheko Taiaroa Hodges

This paper has been crafted by our Te Kaiwhakatere, Ria Hodges (Ngāti Toa Rangatira, Ngāi Te Ruahikihiki, Kai Tahu) to complement the Atua cards that have been thoughtfully led by her, and developed under her guidance in our design studio.

The primary intention of Ria’s paper is to explore the essential role of Māori indigenous traditions, specifically investigating how Atua cards serve as a culturally sensitive instrument in shaping organisational or brand identity.

The paper offers an overview of our approach to creating the Atua cards and aims to be a valuable resource for those utilising the Atua cards and seeking insights into their intended purpose.

It highlights the importance of a genuine effort to understand and appreciate the Māori point of view, urging readers to approach this content with good intentions.

The paper is downloadable below. The cards are still development - so watch this space!

Download the guide