How do we build a brand for a start-up on a mission to help the world eat differently?





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EatKinda is here to transform the way the world eats. They make kai (food) you already know and love, but they make it different. Their ice cream is made with (wait for it)… cauliflower, but you’d never know it. It’s creamy, delicious and everything you expect ice cream to be, except that it’s also vegan and contains absolutely zero dairy, gluten, nuts, soy or palm oil.
We saw the incredible potential of EatKinda to have a significant impact on the way New Zealanders — and people around the world — eat. As part of our commitment to Aotearoa’s sustainable future, we took EatKinda on as pro bono clients and worked closely with them to get their start-up brand ready to launch.

Our challenge

A revolution of plant-based kai is taking place in the chiller aisle of your local supermarket, as new brands and manufacturers launch and battle it out. Some are targeted at people who already choose to eat plant-based diets, but EatKinda founders, Mrinali Kumar and Jenni Matheson, wanted EatKinda to be for everyone.

Our challenge was to create a brand that differentiated EatKinda from their competitors but still felt accessible and connected to food lovers of all kinds.

Our solution

We created EatKinda’s brand from the bottom up. Starting with the brand strategy, we went on to design their brand identity, website and packaging.

Building from our brand strategy of ‘inspiring kindness’ we built out the EatKinda brand identity on the concept of ‘Kinda heroes’. Our EatKinda logomark has a softness with a literal heart, but it also has a bold strength. This recognises that kindness is not always easy, it takes great strength and resilience (not all heroes wear capes).

The home compostable packaging we designed for EatKinda positions the brand strategically as a premium product, while still strongly reflecting the brand’s plant-based and sustainable point of difference. Each EatKinda product has a different EatKinda hero aligned to it. These cute and playful personas are a fun way for customers to identify and connect with the brand — and find their favourite flavour.

We were excited to work with EatKinda on the first part of their journey and can’t wait to enjoy their ice cream.

"Words cannot describe how incredibly lucky we feel to have Ocean Designs offer to develop EatKinda’s branding pro bono. We love, love, love our branding and will be forever grateful for the outcome. The EatKinda brand is unique, has a feel-good factor and encompasses everything EatKinda represents. The team is professional, hard-working, patient and has a friendly approach. They spent the time required to understand our story and create and create a brand and strategy to complement it. We highly recommend Ocean Design to anyone in need of a magical brand."
Mrinali Kumar and Jenni Matheson, EatKinda founders

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