How do we get a start-up brand ready for market launch?





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Greengrower is a revolution of sustainable food, accessible to all New Zealanders. Using leading-edge vertical farming technology, Greengrower grows produce all-year round using 95% less water than conventional horticulture. Because its grown indoors in a fully controlled environment, sprays and pesticides aren’t needed, which means their produce is organic and doesn’t even need to be washed before you eat it. Greengrower is here to change the way New Zealand eats their veggies.

The challenge

Before the brand launched to market, they needed a brand strategy and a name for their brand. They needed a brand identity and brand voice and they needed a website. In short: the works.

Vertical farming is a new approach to horticulture in Aotearoa New Zealand so they needed a brand that can communicate what they’re about and how they do it, but most importantly, one that can form a connection with customers. There’s nothing more personal than what we eat, so it was important that the new brand connected with people and told a compelling story.

Our solution

Greengrower is a name with personality and a human connection. It references the way New Zealanders bought their veggies in the past from their local greengrocer. The world has changed a lot since then and produce is grown differently, but Greengrower is still big on human connection.

With a leaf sprouting from the logomark, Greengrower’s visual identity hints at the story behind their name. It’s friendly, can be playful, and definitely has character. Likewise their brand voice has a down-to-earth and conversational tone, with splashes of humour.

Nature does colour best, so Greengrower’s colour palette takes inspiration from the rainbow of produce. Last on the list was website design, and then Greengrower was ready to grow. The only way is up.

"I couldn't recommend Ocean Design more highly. The team has been incredible in transforming our thoughts into a clear story and a strong visual identity - creating a clear brand platform for us to go forward on. Ocean provided us with clear communication throughout the process and bet all our deadlines. We can't wait to share the outputs with the world and look forward to working with Ocean going forward."
Tom Schuyt, Greengrower Co-founder and CEO

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