How do you make a meal kit stand out from the rest?




Woop Brand Strategy


Brand strategy, communication design

WOOP was started in 2015 – a time when New Zealand was relatively green to the concept of home delivered meal-kits. With their pre-prepped ingredients and very literal secret sauces, they became extremely popular very quickly. As the years rolled on, however, more and more meal-kits popped up as competitors, including big players from overseas who were keen to sink their teeth into a burgeoning Aotearoa market.

The challenge

Woop is different to other meal kits, but their story to date had been built around functional benefits, as opposed to building a story based on the emotional connection they create with their customer. We were tasked with reinvigorating WOOP with a brand new strategy, with the potential to lead onto campaign collateral and messaging.

The solution

We dove deep, making a thorough audit of the competitive landscape, as well as getting to know the WOOP team and what makes them tick. Through a series of interviews with staff and customers, and a taste test of our own, we found that the unique appeal of WOOP wasn’t just the saving of time factor, but also in the boutique nature of their offering. We learnt that while Woop undoubtably delivers clear functional benefits to their customer, they have built a legion of raving fans. Through the personalised service and the quality of their offering, customers have connected with what Woop stand for. These customers we learnt are excited by the opportunity to make their life, in effect more beautiful through adding Woop into their lifestyle.

The outcome

We defined a clear brand strategy built around a sense of purpose. We created a comprehensive deck of recommendations for WOOP, encouraging them to strongly position themselves as the contemporary, luxurious brand that they are - ‘go better than good, go Woop!’. This led into a suite of brand materials, and paved the way for an ASMR inspired campaign (working with the awesome team at Motion Sickness) that focused on the little things that WOOP does that make it so different. And Woop has continued to go from strength to strength. The growth of the business has been exceptional, and in May 2021 Woop won the award for Supreme Business Excellence at the ‘Best of the best’ Westpac Business Awards. Go woop!

“We asked Ocean to look at our brand and help us create a strategy that would clearly set us apart from our competitors and help fuel our growth. They really amazed us with their insight and strategic thinking. And the result ... Ocean is tres magnifique!”
Thomas Dietz, CEO and Founder, Woop

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