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A new name that embodied a refined business direction.

Samantha Gadd, the Founder and CEO of HR Shop, had built a fast growing successful human resources consultancy that worked alongside businesses as an outsourced HR partner. While successful, she had identified that the HR consulting sector was ripe for disruption and decided to reshape her business to realise the opportunities this would create. She engaged us to help her reframe her brand to help realise her business potential.

We quickly identified that HR Shop was a functional name that talked to a transactional business model. Samantha’s ambition for her business required more than this.

A purpose led business, needs a purpose driven identity.

We started by understanding and helping the company understand its core purpose. What emerged from the team was a powerful vision, to help build the best employee experiences in the world and a strong set of values that were a guide for business decision making and culture.

We helped the team articulate the purpose behind the business - to help people to love what they do. This purpose had been Samanthas driving force since the beginning of her career.

With such a strong purpose, a new name was definitely required. We arrived at Humankind. The layers of meaning in this name reflected the faces of Sam’s business. It spoke to its purpose  but also when taken as Human + Kind it reflected the style and essence of a people driven businesses. The name then led to a story, and a visual identity that has people at its heart. The identity uses a clever mix of contemporary design mixed with hand-made, crafted elements. It is professional, yet undeniably human.

Humankind is in overdrive, fuelled by renewed belief, it has grown 30% in 12 months (75% in the last 24 months, or since the rebrand).

Since rebranding, Humankind has continued to go from strength to strength. It has opened offices in Auckland, and recently opened a sister company Kin, which similarly to Humankind, seeks to redefine a moribund and highly competitive recruitment sector in New Zealand. Vitally, Humankind is now in sync. Its business model, culture, and brand are all aligned with a singular focus. These when aligned with Samantha’s passion and drive means continued growth is unavoidable.

“We are absolutely in love with the work Ocean have delivered for both Humankind and Kin - we have two beautiful brands, absolutely representing the essence of who we are and where we want to go” – Samantha Gadd (CEO, Humankind)

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