How do we help a pioneering Aotearoa product stewardship scheme to clearly articulate their vision?




Tyrewise Brand Identity


Brand strategy, brand identity, brand tone of voice, collateral design
6.5 million tyres reach their ‘end-of-life’ in Aotearoa New Zealand every year. That means they are no longer useable as tyres. What happens then? Around 40% of tyres are then recycled. The remaining 60% are landfilled, dumped illegally, burned, stockpiled both by consumers, businesses, and collectors who charge for pickup. Occasionally, they catch fire and make the news.
Tyrewise’s bold plan will create a circular economy from end-of-life tyres that places ethical profitability, innovation and responsible stewardship at its heart. It’s a journey for everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand to take together.

Our challenge

Tyrewise needs to make Aotearoa sit up, listen and care about the environmental harm that end-of-life tyres currently cause. And understand that together we can do something about it.

Their mahi is to continue to work with the critical stakeholder groups who want to take responsibility for their environmental impact – these stakeholders have been involved in the co-design of Tyrewise from the start and know it is both good business practice and the right thing to do. Tyrewise’s mahi is to inspire and to show how collaborative, positive action can bring about transformational impact.

For that, Tyrewise needed a brand with credibility and cut-through. A brand that can capture the hearts and minds of New Zealanders.

Our solution

In Māori tradition, the morepork or ruru is an important kaitiaki (guardian) seen as a watchful guardian that can foresee the future. We saw several important parallels between ruru and Tyrewise, making the native owl the natural choice for the Tyrewise brand logomark.

The ruru can see the future, and Tyrewise is enabling innovative prospective solutions for tyres. The ruru is the forest's watchful guardian, and Tyrewise will become the watchful guardian of end-of-life tyres that enter our borders.

A robust brand strategy and an ownable brand visual identity and tone of voice put Tyrewise in a strong position to start their important mahi of enabling all New Zealanders to enhance and protect our environment for future generations.

"The team at Ocean quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve. They cut to the heart of the challenges and issues we face in breaking new ground as the first product stewardship scheme in Aotearoa.  They created a simple but effective brand platform which really helps us tell our story and a beautiful visual identity which has helped elevate the brand. We loved their focus on developing a bi-cultural brand that would allow us to inspire and engage Kiwis. The team was a pleasure to work with."

– Toni Bye, Marketing and Client Engagement Manager, 3R Group – Tyrewise Implementation Manager

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