How do we keep kids learning to swim?


Wellington City Council


Learn to swim


Communication design, design thinking

Dropping participation rates in the City’s learn to swim programme posed some interesting questions.

The Wellington City Council to (re)launch their Learn To Swim (LTS) programme and they wanted to make the LTS experience for swimmers (and parents) more engaging, memorable and enjoyable. It was hoped that that a relaunch would help participation rates in its Learn to Swim programme to grow. The importance of this was confirmed by sobering statistics that show that Kiwi children may be losing the ability to swim.

We spent time at pools with parents observing what was working and what wasn’t.

The Council and we agreed that understanding the core motivations of parents was essential. We undertook design observations poolside and interviewed parents. We learnt that parents send their kids to Learn to Swim (LTS) hoping that they will gain an essential life skill but in the process of gaining this life skill, they end up improving their lives in other areas too. However there was some uncertainty in the parent’s experience with the LTS programme and that there is a desire from parents to understand their child’s progress and achievements.

The brand drew on the findings from design thinking workshops undertaken. The community aspect and Wellington City Council’s ownership of the swim school is unique point of difference and was to be incorporated.

Participation rates are positive, but more vitally completion rates are growing.

We recommended that LTS becomes the place where ‘learning to swim’ is an outcome of a fun journey, rather than the focus of the process. LTS has the opportunity to become synonymous amongst kids and their families where quality family and friend time is the main attraction. A place where friends are made, and parents can celebrate the achievements of their children with them and other parents.

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