How do you heal everybody?


Aroa Biosurgery


Brand and identity


Brand strategy, naming, brand language, visual identity

BioMedical company Mysenthes needed to grow in the US.

Mysenthes is an award winning, high growth medical innovation business that had developed a proprietary medical product, Endoform, for surgical use that helped repair serious body injury. Targeting the USA market, Mysenthes had achieved regulatory market approvals and  developed a relationship with a leading distribution partner. It was poised for significant growth.

A more memorable name, a clear purpose and contemporary new identity told a compelling story.

Feedback from its investors identified that Mysenthes, as a name, was hard to say and harder to spell. To define a new name, we conducted interviews and research with Mysenthes staff, medical customers in the US, and its distributors. We learnt that Mysenthes believe their products should be widely accessible and affordable, and that its customers were impressed by its quality. Put together we saw this defined a unique position for a company targeting the lucrative US surgical product market as quality products generally looked to achieve a premium price, not to reduce it. Its purpose is quite simply to change the standard of care for many patients: to heal every body.

Aroa is the Maori word for ‘understanding’. The company is at the forefront of understanding how biology, structural form and human factors affect healing, and because it uses this knowledge to unlock the body’s intrinsic power to heal, Aroa as a name was perfect. From here the identity came to life.

Logo Animation

Following significant US investment, Aroa is poised for expansion.

Shortly after rebranding Aroa received significant US investment. It has continued to grow, and received additional investment at the end of 2016. New Zealand’s Callaghan Institute has identified Aroa BioMedical as a New Zealand Success story.

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