How do we position an investment bank that’s different to the rest of the pack?


Clare Capital



Brand strategy, refresh brand identity, brand voice, website
Clare Capital is different to other investment banks. And it’s not just that they don’t wear suits. It’s Clare Capital’s edge and approach that sets them apart and allows them to unlock high value outcomes for their clients.

Our challenge

Mark Clare set up Clare Capital in 2013 as a challenge to the traditional investment banking approach. He had worked with leading investment banks around the world, but he saw a different — and better — way of working.

Since then, Clare Capital has worked with some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s best-known tech businesses, including Hatch, and DOT Loves Data, and have grown their reputation for their unique approach and results. But their brand hadn’t kept pace — an update was crucial and urgent.

Our solution

The key to unlocking Clare Capital’s refreshed brand was a simple but compelling brand idea. Clare Capital's unique brand idea is built around their ability to 'unlock' opportunities, value, insights and potential for their clients and break the mould for what an investment bank can be.

The idea of ‘unlocking’ became the basis for their new logomark. Taking a closed form and shifting it to ‘unlock’ two ‘C’ shapes, we created a simple and ownable logomark that makes a bold statement.

Clare Capital’s new brand voice built on how they already talked to their clients and audience, but we dialled up the clarity, creativity and authenticity to highlight their clear difference from other investment banks.

Clare Capital’s new website is a thing of bold beauty. With an animated logomark and graphics, a punchy digital-first green colour palette and a strong, clear voice, the difference of Clare Capital is clearer than ever. Check out their new website here.

"It was a pleasure to work with the Ocean team. They developed a strong understanding of our brand through insightful questioning, careful listening, client interviews and staff workshops. This was cleverly articulated into a clear strategy and brand story which underpins all the design work. We love the refreshed Clare Capital brand and new website. It is exactly what we wanted — stunning fresh design which truly reflects who we are and what our approach is."
Vicky Upton, General Manager, Clare Capital

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